How to Find Your Signature Scent

Choosing a signature scent is a deeply personal journey, an exploration of your identity and expression. With the rise of many types of perfumes from celebrity fragrances, pheromone perfumes, and fragrance dupes. At 1701 Fragrances, we understand the significance of this choice and are here to guide you through the process. Here are offer our expert tips to help you find the fragrance that resonates with your essence.

The Importance of a Signature Scent

A signature scent is more than just a fragrance; it’s an extension of who you are. It leaves a lasting impression and can evoke memories and emotions. Finding the right scent involves understanding your preferences, personality, and the message you wish to convey. With hundreds of perfumes, you're able to showcase who you are and what memories you want to create with your signature scent. 

Tips for Selecting Your Signature Scent

Understand Your Preferences

Start by identifying the types of fragrance notes and aromas you are naturally drawn to. Do you prefer floral, woody, citrus, or oriental fragrances? Knowing your preferences will narrow down your choices and make the selection process easier.

“I love exploring all ranges of scents and I’ve narrowed down what fragrance families I’m most drawn to. Once I figured out that I am a fruit floral, and an ambery gourmand lover, I started with those scents and worked my way from there. I also know what scents I don’t necessarily prefer. For example, I’m not a super pastry gourmand lover, I want to smell sweet but not like cake. You have to know what works for you and do a lot of what I like to call window sniffing.”- Founder, Joycelynn

Test, Test, Test

Always test a fragrance on your skin before making a decision. Scents can vary greatly depending on individual body chemistry as well as what body product you've used to prep as well. Apply the fragrance, and give it time to develop. See how it evolves over hours and whether it remains pleasant to you. The best way to test a fragance is right after a warm shower or even during a good gym session.

“I love testing fragrances at the gym. As long as your not a stinky sweater, this is a great way to test a new fragrance. Working out warms the skin and this way I get to see how the scent plays well with my natural body chemistry. I also live in Houston so I need a fragrance that will have staying power during the humid summer months. If it can last a sweaty workout it can beat the summer heat. Before the gym, I spray the inside corner of my arm/elbow and do my work out. I sniff throughout to see how well it does.”- Joycelynn, Founder

Recognize it’s ok, to have more than one signature scent

It's important to acknowledge that having more than one signature scent is perfectly acceptable. Just as your wardrobe changes with the seasons, occasions, or even your mood, your fragrance can do the same. You may prefer a light, floral scent for daytime errands, a bold, musky one for special evenings, or maybe a calming, earthy scent when you're winding down after a long day. Choosing multiple signature scents allows you to express the different facets of your personality and ensures you have the perfect fragrance for every situation.

“While I do have one or mainstays that will always be in my collection, as I’ve been creating scents, I realize that I’m likely to have more than one signature scent. Currently I have about three of them, including 1701 Eau De Parfum of course. All of them are in rotation depending on how I feel in that moment.” - Joycelynn, Founder

Don’t follow the crowd

Word of mouth is the best way to hear about a great new fragrance. With online creators and communities on Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram. When selecting your signature scent, it is essential to listen to your own preferences and intuition. What works for others may not necessarily work for you. Remember, your signature scent should be a reflection of your unique personality and style.

“Some fragrance creators lie so bad, especially on Tik Tok. I got caught up purchasing a popular middle easter fragrance and it was so much Oud. Knowing good and well that I like a little oud, not big oud. I certainly wasted my money, but it is all in the journey, be sure to research throughly before purchasing a fragrance because it’s popular and make sure that you will actually like it. Fragrance communities are also a great way to get find niche fragrances that you may not have heard of as well and they give excellent reviews on scents that you can use to form your own opinion”- Joycelynn, Founder

Your signature scent might be a layering combination

Your signature scent might not be a standalone fragrance but a unique layering combination. This involves combining two or more scents to create a unique aroma that represents you. Layering allows you to experiment and be creative, and it's a perfect way to tailor your fragrance to your personal preferences. You might enjoy a floral scent but find it too sweet on its own, so you could layer it with a citrus or woody scent to balance it out. Remember, the key to successful layering is to start with similar base notes and at least one middle note that is similar. This way, you can create a multi-dimensional scent that evolves throughout the day and truly becomes your own. Be sure to test your combinations before spraying yourself.

“Layering is also a great way to make a fragrance smell even more unique, I layer 1701 with everything and it brings out something special in the fragrance each time. The beauty of fragrances is that they are great on their on but also great together. Finding different combinations of fragrances can also be a way to find your signature scent and bring out your creativity..."

"I always recommend starting with similar base notes and at least one middle note that is similar. There’s nothing worse than layering to perfumes that turns sour when layered together. Test the layering combination on test trips or even small piece of paper to avoid this. If it smells good on paper it may smell good on you. 1701 is not only meant to be worn as your solo signature fragrance but apart of your fragrance wardrobe as well.”-Joycelynn, Founder

Take Your Time

Finding your signature scent, it takes patience to understand what you like and don’t like and what your skin prefers. You want the perfume to sing off of your skin not drown it. So don’t worry if you have not found your signature fragrance just yet. Finding the right one for you will take time.

“Finding your signature scent also takes time and patience. Sometimes, you have to come back to scent. Sometime’s it’s the fragrance you’ve gotten the most compliments on. My signature scent is the one that I not only get the most compliment on but the one that melts into my skin. When I can walk in a room and get a few head turns I knew I had the right one. It’s also the one that makes me feel the best, like when I put it on, I just know I’m that girl.” – Joycelynn, Founder

Why Choose 1701?

Choosing 1701 as your signature scent means embracing a fragrance crafted with passion and precision. Our dedication to quality and elegance ensures that each bottle encapsulates a timeless charm. Experience the sophisticated blend of 1701 and let it become an integral part of your identity.


Selecting your signature scent is a journey of self-discovery. By understanding your preferences, considering your lifestyle, and testing various fragrances, you can find a scent that truly represents you. Explore the world of 1701 and discover a fragrance that speaks to your soul.

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We hope this guide helps you in your quest for the perfect fragrance. Remember, your signature scent is not just about smelling good; it’s about feeling confident and expressing your unique self. 

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