With no formal training in perfume making, Joycelynn started making perfumes out of her parents home in September 2023. Armed with an at-home perfume making kit,  she began reminiscing of her fondest memories and began crafting the signature fragrance. With the final formula, an homage to her Grandmother and her garden, 1701 Fragrances was born.

During her perfume making process, Joycelynn realized the aromatherapeutic benefits perfume can have while crafting the signature scent and wanted to incorporate aromatherapies into finely crafted fragrances, bringing in a new way to “smell good, feel good”.

1701 specialize in crafting scents that transcend the boundaries of time, evoking memories that reside deep within us. Every fragrance we create is a labor of love, utilizing aromatherapeutic principles to  meticulously compose fragrances to resonate with the unique moments and experiences that shape our lives while providing therapeutic benefits.

Joycelynn believe scent has the power to create and recall, what she likes to call “scent memories” like spending all day in her Grandmother’s garden in the summer filled with roses, lillies, and summer fruits. At 1701 we create a olfactory journeys not just fragrances.



Our products are of high quality and not harmful to you or the planet. We follow a strict methodology in sourcing and using the ingredients in our products.


Using aromatherapeutic practices to promote overall well being


We create scents that will trigger the olfactory center of the brain to ensuree a long lasting scent Memory.


With our debut Eau De Parfum, this scent will have staying power up to 8 hours.


Our fragrance is meant to be worn by everyone no matter gender identity.