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1701 Eau De Parfum Sample

1701 Eau De Parfum Sample

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Introducing The Garden Collection's signature scent, 1701. This 5mL sample is designed to evoke your most cherished memories. Inspired by my Grandmother's garden, adorned with beautiful roses, lilies, and violets, illuminating her small block in East Saint Louis.

1701 Eau De Parfum invites you to immerse yourself in a delicate blend of sweet dahlia, rose, and peony, encapsulating the essence of a sun-kissed afternoon in the garden, where blossoms sway in the breeze. Let the sweet and subtle notes carry you to a realm of pure botanical bliss.

Top notes include zesty raspberry and nectarine, while the heart blooms with dahlia, peony, and rose. The fragrance is grounded in amber woods and earthy patchouli.

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